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How To Get More Clients Using The Lead Magnet Model

Using lead magnets to acquire customers is a widely used method by many businesses.

In one of my previous letters, I shared how I’m using a PDF as a lead magnet to get customers. I also talked about the type of lead magnets you should create.

(If you missed that letter, you can read it here)

Today, I’ll share with you the lead magnet models that I know are working well in turning leads to paying clients.

I know they are working well because I’m using it for my own businesses and also implementing them for several clients.

A lead magnet is a resource you give out in exchange for someone’s contact.

It could be a PDF, a short video training, or any tool that could benefit your prospects. 

From how I see it, there are 2 parts to a lead magnet model.

Part 1 is when someone opts in to download your lead magnet.

Part 2 is what happens AFTER someone downloads your lead magnet.

A successful lead magnet model is when both parts are executed properly.

Executed properly meaning:

Part 1 –  you create a lead magnet that attracts the right type of prospects.

Part 2 – you implement steps that nurtures your lead to move on to the next step of your sales process.

Today, I will focus mainly on part 2, which is what happens after someone opts in to your lead magnet.

Based on my personal experience, there are 3 lead magnet models that are working very well today.

I’ll just name them as:

1) The direct follow-up model

2) The email nurture model 

3) The thank you page model

The direct follow-up model

This method typically works by running a lead gen ad to get someone to opt in directly to your lead form. Meaning when they see your ad, they click on ‘Learn More’, a form pops up and they fill it out.

You don’t need any landing page for this.

After the lead opts-in, you then CALL them directly to follow-up and find out what help they need.

I’ve seen this work very well in the real estate industry.

Their lead magnet is usually a PDF that shows “hidden secrets you must know if you want to sell your property at record price” or “XX projects that are undervalued”.

After the lead opts in, the agent will call to find out more, and eventually aim to fix an appointment.

And from there, they do their usual to convert the leads into customers.

This direct follow-up method works best for realtors and financial advisors.

Of course you can text instead of calling, but calling has the highest closure rate in my experience.

The email nurture model

This is the model I’m using currently.

My ad entices people to download my PDF where I show my ‘Ugly Ads Method’, a method of creating ads that cuts through the noise and attracts 30-100 customers per month.

These people then go into my email list (like many of you reading this now through emails).

As I continue to write emails, host workshops,  I get to convert some of the leads into clients. Some of them join my coaching program, some work with me 1-1 to optimize their campaigns.

It’s a longer game, but it’s something that’s sustainable for me as I enjoy writing emails.

The email nurture model works very well for coaches, experts and probably salespeople who are willing to play the longer game.

The thank you page model

For this, after someone opts in on a landing page to get your PDF, you drive them to a thank you page.

Now, on this thank you page, is where you can get them to take the next action.

It could be to:

Book a call with you

Watch your webinar

Buy your digital product

The main reason why you only show those on the thank you page is because with a lead magnet, it’s easier to pull people in since they get something for “free”.

Also, they get to join your email list where you can continue to nurture them.

For example, when someone opts in to download my PDF, on the thank you page, I sell my eBook where I teach people how to run profitable Facebook/IG ads.

So I’m killing two birds with one stone with this strategy.

First, I get people to join my email list. Secondly, I sell my eBook on the thank you page right after they opt-in.

If you run a webinar, then you can simply get leads to sign up for the webinar on your thank you page. 

Even if they don’t convert, they will still be in the email list and the process to nurture them continues.

As you can see, the time required to convert a lead that comes through a lead magnet is not instant.

What’s important to make the lead magnet model successful is that you have to consistently nurture the leads through your content.

Gone are the days where it’s much easier to make a sale online.

These days, consumers are much more well informed and have more options to choose from.

From the point of them getting to know you, to the point where they become your client, is a gap where you have to use your content to make them see you as an authority, believe that you can solve their problems.

That’s when they will then make the decision to engage your services.

This is how the lead gen model game works and it’s something I know will take a longer time to convert leads into customers, but it’s also a more cost effective method.

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