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How I Write High-Converting Ads Using ChatGPT

One thing I’ve learned after writing hundreds of ads across more than 10 different industries is that you can achieve consistent results if you follow a framework.

As a self taught copywriter, I have several copywriting frameworks that I use which allows me to still write ads for industries I have little or no experience about. 

Today, I will share with you one simple framework I still use today, and how I use ChatGPT to speed the process up. 

For the longest time since ChatGPT was released, I still write my ads manually without using it. 

The #1 reason is because ChatGPT is unable to write copy that connects emotionally with the audience. 

As time goes by, I realise it’s not a smart move to not use ChatGPT.

Simply because it speeds up the whole process, and if you use it right, it can produce a pretty decent copy.

If you read my Ugly Ads method, you’d know I have a very simple approach to creating video ads that convert.

I use that same method when it comes to writing ads as well.

Here’s the simple framework:


[Benefit #1]

[Benefit #2]

[Benefit #3]

[Call to action]

This framework has been used (and still is being used) across industries like real estate, enrichment, biz opp, financial planning, home-services, and it has proven to bring in quality leads. 

When clients consult me for advice, I always ask them the same questions:

  1. What is your target audience?
  2. What problems or pain do they face?
  3. What is the outcome they’re looking for?
  4. How does your product/service help? 
  5. What’s unique about it?

The truth is, you as the business or product owner knows your target market the best.

You know things that even ChatGPT doesn’t

So usually I spend 1-2 hours gathering this information from my clients before I craft my ad angle.

But I’ve come to realise that ChatGPT can speed that up by a significant amount of them. 

All you have to do is to ask ChatGPT the same questions, and tweak it a little to get them to write out according to the framework you want.

And boom…

In less than 10 mins, you have most of the information you need to start advertising for a product.

Of course it will not be the perfect ad copy, but I’d say if you follow this framework, your ads can still do decent.

Let’s do an example. 

Since I can’t use any of my clients’ examples (for privacy reasons)…

Let’s use my music business. 

Most of you should know by now I run a music education company, offering corporate team bonding activities. We also have a music school that teaches people how to play piano/ukulele/guitar in just 2 hours. 

So let’s say I want to write an ad for my piano workshop. 

The first thing YOU must know (not ChatGPT) is your target audience. 

First prompt:

What are some of the problems/pain your [target audience] face when it comes to [outcome]?

My prompt:


Second prompt:

What are the outcomes or benefits [target audience] look for when it comes to [outcome]?

My prompt:


Third prompt:

My [product/service] helps [target audience] achieve [outcome] without [pain].

Can you write me an ad with a hook to advertise my piano workshop?

The ad structure should be like this:


Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Benefit 3

Call to action 

The benefit should show how my method can take away their pain and help them achieve their outcomes.

My prompt:


There ya go.

That was done in… maybe 3 minutes?

This is how I’d put it in Meta ads:

Unlock the Power of Piano Playing in Just 2 Hours – No Music Theory Required!

✅ Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional piano lessons! Our innovative method empowers you to play the piano without the need for tedious music theory, saving you time and effort.

✅ Experience the joy of making music from day one. Our workshop focuses on practical techniques that get you playing real songs quickly, so you can impress yourself and others with your newfound skills.

✅ Feel confident and accomplished as you master the keys in record time. Our expert instructors guide you through a streamlined approach that eliminates complexity, making piano playing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t wait to unleash your musical potential! 

Join our piano workshop now and discover how easy and fun it can be to play the piano like a pro. 

Reserve your spot today and start making beautiful music in just 2 hours!

If you don’t like it, get ChatGPT to rewrite it for you again.

A good tip on how to give ChatGPT prompts is to treat ChatGPT like an intern.

Be very specific with your instructions. 

So you can write something like:

Go try this simple ad framework using ChatGPT and let me know how it goes 🙂

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