For Business Owners:
Running FB/IG Ads But Not Seeing Results?

How I Create "Ugly Ads" That Brings In
30-100 Leads Per Month On Autopilot Across Different Industries...

❌ Without hiring any professional videographers

❌ Without using any complicated softwares

Using Just My Phone, A Free Video Editing App & A Proven Video Ad Framework...
Which Takes Me Just 15 Minutes To Create.

They Might Even Look Ugly...

But These Ads Helped To Generate Hundreds Of Leads For My Own Business & Many Other Businesses Like:

✅ Tuition ✅ Real Estate
✅ Interior Design ✅ Spa/Beauty
✅ Home-Based Businesses
✅ Home Appliances ✅ eCommerce

Dear Business Owner,

Let's get straight to the point.

I'm not here to sell you on any service.

I know there are already MANY marketing agencies advertising their services to help you get leads.

(And you're probably tired of seeing such ads)

But I'm not one of them.

I'm not an agency owner.

I'm a business owner (in music education & eCommerce) who LOVES using ads to get more customers.

I love this process so much that I...

- Took a professional exam to become a Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

- Consult for business owners on their ad strategy

- Share a lot of free content on my Instagram to help fellow business owners

The reason why I'm running ads to this page is because...

If you're currently running ads but not seeing any results...

I have a new method of creating ads that can help you:

- Attract more leads/customers

- By creating a short video (within 1 hour)

- Using a proven method without any complex skills needed

Read on if you're tired of seeing your ads not performing well...

Btw, I haven't introduce myself yet.

I'm Edmund Chew - a fellow business owner in Singapore.

I’ve grown my own music business which I started in university into a 7-figure brand today, using the power of ads.

Today, business owners consult me when they want to scale their revenue using paid ads.

(I'm the guy in the red circle):

But I'm not here to talk or brag about myself...

But rather straight to how I have a method that could improve your ad results.

If you're running ads today but not getting consistent results...

And if you ask me why...

My #1 answer to you would be:

Unclear messaging.

What do I mean by messaging?

It means the benefits and outcome of your product/service is unclear in your ads.

I say this not because of “gut feel”...

But through the many ads I see and manage for businesses.

I noticed one thing among ads that are very successful in pulling in leads and buyers:

They always have a very clear outcome and benefit for its target audience.

This doesn’t just apply to ads.

It applies to social media posts as well (IG, FB, website)

If you want your ads to attract quality clients, you need to understand this:

Every product/service solves a problem.

It helps people attain a certain outcome.

Once you’re clear of that, and you put that across your ads and posts…

You attracting quality leads and buyers are much higher.

For example, instead of telling people what you do, you should tell them what you can help them achieve.

Instead of:

I’m a piano teacher

You say:

I can teach you to play the piano on both hands in just 1 hour, without any music background needed.

That’s a clear outcome and benefit.

What's even better is that...

You put that outcome and messaging into a short video, and run it across your ads and social posts.

This way, your message gets absorbed easily (because video has 5x more engagement than just images).

And this is exactly what I’ll be teaching in a LIVE training I’m holding next week.

It’s my “ugly ads” method that has been working very well in helping me and my clients pull in leads every day.

Why “ugly”?

Because all I do is use random (but relevant) footage recorded by my phone, stitch it together with a clear messaging…

Screenshot of my video ad

I don't focus too much on the design of the video.

No professional DSLR cameras used.

No proper lighting needed.

And it works.

Take a look at my ad stats:

You can see the video used brought in $32k worth of sales in the period of 6 months.

(In fact, it’s way more than $32k since I’m still running it now)

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to outperform this ad.

Because when you run ads…

You have to constantly refresh your ad creatives so people won't get bored of the same old ad.

In this period (as I’m typing this now)...

I launched a bunch of UGC (user generated content) ads, where micro influencers review my product.

UGC ads have been very successful for many niches.

I thought my UGC ads would definitely beat my ugly ad…

Which I filmed in 10 minutes, at my office, using just a tripod and my iPhone.

But guess what…

My UGC ads are giving me more expensive clicks and less conversions than my simple ugly ad.

Look at the stats for first week of Jan 2024:

Cost per click for UGC ads was $1.3-$1.7, whereas for my simply ugly video ad, just $1 per click.

This makes a huge difference.

30%-70% more people could have clicked on your ads and become your lead/customer,

That’s what you get when you can create a video ad that:

- Is short & easy to watch

- Has a clear outcome/benefit

- Makes people interested in your product/service

The best part of my ugly ad method is that it’s proven to work across other niches.

I applied the same video framework to an interior design ad, brought in 72 leads at $15 per lead (Nov & Dec 2023):

Here's the screenshot of the video.

Shot using phone, with my proven text framework:

This business owner closed 2 out of these 72 leads, which brought in $67k revenue for his business.

Not too bad, considering this was just using some raw video footage…

And a proven framework with some ad spend.

To me, high-performing video ads are like assets.

Because they help me to generate leads which then brings me sales for my business.

If you want to own an asset that can attract quality leads and make you more money for your business...

I'm conducting a LIVE Zoom training next week where I'll show you:

- How to create a proven 15s video ad that can attract the attention your ideal target audience

(it works any niche - enrichment, gym, interior design, real estate, eCommerce)

- What to show in the first 3s of your video so people will watch the whole video

- How to use ChatGPT to understand your customers better

(once you understand their struggles, it’s much easier persuading them to buy from you)

- The 4 questions I use to create a strong “killer offer”

- My proven “direct pitch” ad template which you can use right away for your video and social media posts

- How to get people to take action after watching your video

- Step-by-step hands on training on creating and editing a video for your ads and social pages

(I using a free mobile app called CapCut, and I’ll teach you how to use it)

I think this training will appeal to you if…

- You currently run ads but not seeing results consistently…

- You plan to run ads for your business but not sure what type of ad will work well

- You want to create stronger and better content that will attract customers through your social media posts using videos

- You simply want to learn a new skill of copywriting + video editing which you might put to use some day

If any of those sound like you..

I think you’ll love this training I’m putting on.


The training will take place on Wednesday 17th Jan at 10.30am via Zoom.

Plan on it lasting 2 hours +.

If you can’t make it for the live training, or need to step away for any reason, you will get all the recordings so you can watch it whenever you like.

Plus, you’ll also get a set of summarised notes, if you prefer to read than watch.


Unlike other training and workshops I've done in the past, this one won't cost $1000+.

In fact, it won't even cost $500...

I'm intent on making this training affordable for nearly everyone.

So instead of charging $1000 or $500...

I set the price at just $129.

So for $129, I'll walk you through my whole system for coming up with simple (some say ugly) but high-converting video ads…

You can even make 2 payments of $65 if that's easier for your cash flow.

Today if I'm a new biz owner...

And knowing that this "ugly ads" method can potentially bring me a lot of sales...

I'd find this price to be a steal.

You and I know how much video/marketing agencies out there are charging.

One client of mine spent $3k to do up a professional video, but it didn't bring her any leads.

About the training:

We’ll spend the first hour understanding how to create a video ad that speaks to your audience.

By the first hour, we should have your script ready for your video, using my direct pitch framework.

Then we’ll spend the 2nd hour doing a hands on session where I’ll show u how to use the app to create a video ad.

You can see this as a copywriting + video editing masterclass 🙂

You’ll be equipped with skills to create videos that can attract more customers for your business.

So if you're a business owner, a marketer, freelancer, or soon-to-be business owner…

This training will benefit you.

Because I can tell you, as a business owner who’s self-learned a lot of things the hard way…

The skill of creating “ugly ads” that convert have allowed me to:

- Pull-in $20k-$30k a month for my own eCommerce store

- Get 30-100 leads every month across various industries (real estate, gym, enrichment centres, interior design)

- Generate 20-30 quality buyers every day for the most popular water purifier brand in Singapore

- Fill pre-paid live workshops every month for training businesses

- Position myself as an expert in the digital marketing industry

- Get an influx of deals coming my way because I'm constantly on people's minds due to my ads

Which is why I'm excited to teach you the "secret sauce" behind all of this in the upcoming “ugly ads” training.

So that's the deal...

The training will take place next Wednesday, Jan 17th on Zoom at 10.30am.

So if you want to be a part of the training...

I suggest grabbing a spot today.

Just fill in your email below to sign up:

If for any reason you think the training doesn't benefit you, and you want your money back, simply send an email to within 30 days.

With no questions asked, we'll refund your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will the training be conducted?

It will be conducted over Zoom. Once you register, you will get the Zoom link.

I can't make it for the live training. Will there be recording?

Yes, the session will be recorded.

So if you can't attend live, or need to step away for any reason, you'll get the recording after the session.

You will also get access to the notes for the session if you prefer to read instead of watch.

I have zero experience with any video editing, copywriting skills. Will it be hard for me?

There will be a hands on training at the 2nd part of the training where I show you step by step how to use the video editing app.

I designed this training to be suitable for beginners.

You guarantee this ad format will work?

If anyone guarantees you 100% that they can produce results, RUN.

While I don't guarantee that, this ad format is working very well for me and my clients in other niches.

What if I think the training doesn't help me?

Well, I'm confident it will, but if you think it sucks, simply email me and you will get your refund 100%.

Just fill in your email below to sign up:

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