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Now before you leave...

If you're serious about getting more clients for your business...

You might want to attend my "Ugly Ads Method" training.

It's a step-by-step video training which shows:

How I use "Ugly Ads' to bring in 30-100 leads per month on autopilot across different industries.

❌ Without hiring professional video agencies

❌ Without any complex softwares

Using just my phone, a free video editing app, and a proven ad framework.

At the time of writing this...

I know many businesses are struggling to get quality and affordable leads.

Plus, ad costs are rising like mad.

I'll tell you why:

Simply because there are too many advertisers now.

Every ad you see out there doesn't stand out.

People will just scroll past it without paying any attention.

Which means you will not be getting many interested leads.

Now, to counter this...

You need to create ads that can cut through the noise and grab attention from your target audience.

And that's exactly what my "Ugly Ad Method" is about.

This method is so simple...

All you need your phone, a free video editing app, and a proven video framework to follow.

You can watch a preview of my "Ugly Ads" training which I just conducted for several business owners recently:

I held this one-off training and was glad that it helped many business owners.

Here's what they say about the training:

Because it was a one-off training, I have no plans to run it anymore.

But seeing how it was helpful for many...

You can now get access to the recorded training at a special price.

But before I tell you the price...

Which you can easily make back once your ads start to convert...

Here's what you will learn in the training:

Inside this training, you will learn:

  • How to create a 15s video that can attract your ideal customers

    (it works in any niche – enrichment, gym, interior design, real estate, eCommerce)

  • What to show in the first 3s of your video so people will watch the whole video

  • The 4 questions I use to create a “killer offer” that bring in customers every day

  • My “Direct Pitch” template that you can use right away for your ads

  • How to get people to take action after watching your ad

  • Step-by-step hands on training on video ad creation 

    (I use a free mobile app called Capcut and I’ll teach you how to use it)

About the training:

We’ll spend the first hour understanding how to create a video ad that speaks to your audience.

By the first hour, we should have your script ready for your video, using my direct pitch framework.

Then we’ll spend the 2nd hour doing a hands on session where I’ll show u how to use the app to create a video ad. 

You can see this as a copywriting + video editing masterclass 🙂

So if you’re a business owner, a marketer, freelancer, or soon-to-be business owner…

This training is for you.

Back to the price of the training.

Unlike other training and workshops I've done in the past, this one won't cost $1000.

In fact, it won't even cost $500...

I'm intent on making this training affordable for nearly everyone.

So instead of charging $1000 or $500...

I set the price at just $99.

So for $99, I'll walk you through my whole system for coming up with simple (some say ugly) but high-converting video ads…

You can even make 3 payments of $40 if that's easier for your cash flow.

Once you use this method and start seeing cheaper clicks and more leads for your ads...

What you will make can easily cover the cost of this training.

My simply and "ugly" ads have allowed me to:

  • Generate $20k-$30k a month for my own eCommerce store

  • Get 30-100 leads every month across various industries

    (like tuition, spas, real estate, enrichment, interior design)

  •  Fill pre-paid live workshop every month for 2 training businesses

  • Position myself as an expert in the digital marketing industry

  • Get influx of deals coming way because I’m constantly on people’s minds due to my ads

Here's what you'll get exactly when you sign up:

  • A 2 hour training video on my “ugly ads” method

    (Includes a step-by-step video creation practical segment)

  • Full set of slides used in the video

  • A free 1-1 consultation call after the training 

    (Get customised ad strategy tailored for you)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not get value from this training, simply send an email to and request for a refund.

With no questions asked, you'll get your refund back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will the training be conducted?

It will be conducted through a pre recorded video which will be sent to you after you purchase.

I have zero experience with any video editing, copywriting skills. Will it be hard for me?

There will be a hands on training at the 2nd part of the training where I show you step by step how to use the video editing app.

I designed this training to be suitable for beginners.

You guarantee this ad format will work?

If anyone guarantees you 100% that they can produce results, RUN.

While I don’t guarantee that, this ad format is working very well for me and my clients in other niches.

What if I think the training doesn’t help me?

Well, I’m confident it will, but if you think it sucks, simply email me and you will get your refund 100%.

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