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Attention: Service Business Owners, Real Estate Agents & Freelancers

Want To Get More Leads Using Facebook Ads But Don't Know How?

Let me set up your campaign in just 7 days!

Without you worrying "how to do it"

So you can start getting more leads for your business right away!

What People Say:

Introducing: Power Leads Program

What does the program do?

Power Leads Program is a 6 week done-for-you and done-with-you Facebook Ads program that aims to generate high-quality leads for your business.

By the end of this 6 weeks, you will:

1. Find your winning offer and unique mechanism

(So you can stand out from your competitors) 

2. Have a lead gen campaign up and running without you doing anything

(I will set up your campaign structure, design your ad creatives and write your ad copy using my proven high-converting formula)

3. Learn how to create and manage the ad campaign on your own 

(so you don’t have to pay expensive monthly retainer fees to agencies) 

4. Learn how to find your winning ad, read and analyze your campaign data

(so you learn “how to fish” instead of just me “giving you the fish”)

How does the program work?

In the first 4 weeks, I will be running your campaign personally for you. 

In the last 2 weeks, I’ll let you take over while I provide support. 

Here’s the brief timeline:

Week 1:

– 2 hour video call to discuss strategy, unique mechanism and marketing angle for your service.
– Preparation of ad creatives and ad copy. [10 different ad copy, 3 images and 1 video (15-30 seconds length)]
– Optimizing your Facebook page branding
– Setting up of Facebook business manager, lead forms, custom audiences, lookalike audiences
– By the 7th day, campaign should be up and running
Week 2 – 4:
– I will be optimizing your ad campaigns for maximum results (getting genuine and quality leads)
Optimization includes: 
1) Testing of ad sets, ad copy and creatives to find the best performing combination 
2) If campaigns are not performing, re-strategise our offer/pricing/angle until we can get leads in
3) Setting up proper tracking (if you have a website)
– Daily updates of leads will be provided from me to you via Google Sheets and Whatsapp
Week 5 – 6:
– You will take over the managing of your lead gen campaign where I will provide virtual support (Whatsapp) 
This includes:
1) Adjusting of budget
2) Creating new ads for testing and to reduce ad fatigue
3) Designing new ad creatives using Canva
4) Analyzing your campaign performance
5) Downloading your leads for follow up
1) The recommended daily ad spend should be between $30-$50/day. That means about $900-$1500/month. 
Reason being: A smaller budget may hinder the performance of your campaign due to the stiffer competition. Based on my experience, $50/day is pretty optimal for a start until you are ready to scale. This advertising cost is on top of the cost for the Power Leads Program.
2) Results are not guaranteed. While I will give my 100% to make sure your campaign will succeed, the success ultimately depends on your offer and your industry. But throughout this 6 weeks, we’ll work together and tweak and strategize to find your best angle and offer.
Cost of program:
Usual Price of Power Leads Program: $2500
Special Discounted Price (Only 2 available slots for Aug 2021): $2500 $1500/- (ad cost not included here)
– Additional 1 month Whatsapp support directly from me after the program (Usually costs $500)
– If you have a website, I will write a one page copy for you that is optimized for getting leads via your website’s form submission (Usually I charge $1000 for this)


This program may not be suitable for everybody.

To see if we're a good fit, kindly fill out the form below! 🙂