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You read about my experience of using Facebook ads to grow my business. 

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What you get when you purchase 'Profitable Ads Secrets'

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a beginner, will this book benefit me?

Yes. Even though this is not a ‘how to run Facebook ads’ book, the marketing concepts and tips in will benefit you, especially if you run your own business and plan to use Facebook ads one day. 

The bonuses included though contains step-by-step guide and training videos to help you set up a lead gen campaign if you run a business that needs to get leads.

2. What type of business owners/self-employed will benefit most from this book?

If you are a small business owner (revenue between 0 to 1.5m/year) selling a product or service, you will learn important marketing concepts that will greatly benefit you.

If you’re already running ads (ID firms, real estate, tuition centre, everyday products, service-related) but not seeing much success, the tips I shared should help your ads perform better.

Any ‘tricks’ or ‘tips’ we learn may not last forever because platforms (like Facebook ads restrictions) might change. But marketing concepts will last because they will continue to be relevant in the long run.

I wrote this book with that in mind – to share marketing concepts first (and then Facebook ads tips) so whatever you absorb from this book will always be relevant.

3. Will my Facebook ads guaranteed to be profitable after reading this book?

If anyone can guarantee something at 100%… it’s usually ‘too good to be true’…

So nope, I can’t guarantee your ads will be profitable once you read this book.

But you’ll be equipped with knowledge and skills to run better ads that can bring you more sales after reading this book.

4. Is this a scam/get-rich-quick thing?

Short answer: 


Long answer: 

If there is a way to ‘get rich quick’ by selling a book, please let me know I’ll be interested to find out how.

I can’t ‘get rich quick’ from this. Plus my main income does not come from this.

I am just an average Singaporean guy who’s enthusiastic about using digital marketing to grow a business. 

Google ‘TravelClef’ and you will know I run a legitimate business in Singapore with 2 physical locations.

5. If you say printing is expensive, why don’t you do a digital version?

In the future I might. But for now, I prefer (going through the trouble) to send you a hard copy so you can easily refer to it and make your own notes rather than a PDF version.

At the end of each chapter, there will be a short summary for you to think about and how you can apply it to your business.

Not sure about you, but I love to hold on to a book while reading. 

This book will be printed in A4 with BIG fonts for easy reading.

(Plus, a printed version is harder for people to share around freely without paying 😂)

7. What if I don’t like this book after reading it, can I get a refund?

If you already have thoughts of getting a refund after buying this, then perhaps this book is not for you… 

Ideally it’s for people who are keen to obtain actionable knowledge that can benefit them and give them results.

I would gladly pay $39 (and much more) to learn from someone who is better or have more experience than me because they cut short my learning curve and that saves me time and money. 

So I suggest to give this book a miss (if you plan to get a refund)

However, if upon reading this book and you think: 

“This book is crap and I don’t think there’s any value in it”, then shoot me an email, I will refund you your money right away.

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