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For Business Owners Looking For More Customers:

How I Went From Feeling Uncertain, Stressed With Lousy Sales, To Getting 30-100 Customers Every Month By Running Facebook Ads On Autopilot

... without posting everyday Facebook/Instagram

... without hiring any expensive marketing agencies

Using Simple Advertising Concepts That Work Timelessly For Any Product/Service Business!

From a private guitar tutor to a music business owner...

Find out how running Facebook ads allowed me to scale my business.

And how it can scale yours too.

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Profitable Ads Secrets’ is a shortcut guide I wrote to help business owners get more customers using Facebook ads.

This eBook can help you:

  • Attract more buyers for your product/service

  • Increase your revenue

  • Strengthen your product messaging  so it sells better

    On sale now for just $11.90

Read only if you are serious about getting more customers for your business:

Dear Courageous Entrepreneur…

Yes I know… you’ve seen way too many ‘gurus’ online selling you stuff.

You’re probably reading this page with some doubt…

But I’m no guru, I’m just a fellow business owner in Singapore like you. 

I just want to build a successful business for myself and my family.

This eBook all started when I noticed something important was missing in my business.

Something that if I didn’t fix – would have caused my business to die long ago.

It was this: 

I had no proper system in place to get a constant flow of customers consistently.

That’s why I embarked on advertising on Facebook and Instagram years back to get more new customers.

I struggled and made many mistakes along the way.

Today, I’ve finally mastered how to use Facebook ads to get more sales for my businesses.

A lot has changed when it comes to Facebook advertising…

Especially since Apple updated their iOS 14 in 2020.

Many businesses stopped advertising on FB/IG due to poor ROI.

Agencies struggle to get quality leads for their clients.

But the truth is…

Fb ads is still very much effective right now if you know how to run it the right way.

I’m able to tell you that because I still run ads actively today for my businesses.

Not only that.

Business owners pay me to advise them because I know what works.


Here’s a screenshot of my own campaign that gave me a 4x ROI as of Jan 2023:


I spent a total of $980 on ads (over 15 days)…

And it brought it $4022 in sales.

That’s a 4.1 ROI on my ad spent.

(I run a music school and music eCommerce store)

Note: I’ve yet to touch the ads ever since I launched in Oct 2022, because it’s converting well on autopilot.


Another of my campaign that ran for just 2 days and gave me a 13.75X return:


Here I spent just $41 on ads over 2 days.

And the ads brought in $567 in sales. 

A 13.75X ROI.

I stopped the campaign after 2 days because I already filled up the seats for my music workshop.

The concepts in my eBook works for other businesses too.

Here’s an ID firm business owner who ran ads after applying what he learnt in my book:

He spent a total of $2.1k on ads over 3 months.

Cost per leads averaged at $37.

But we all know getting leads is just one side of the story.

So here’s what he texted me in July 2022:

This means the extra revenue added to his business through ads was about $36k.

(2 BTOs at approx $16k each (~$32k) + kitchen makeover (~$4k) =$36k)

That’s an 18X return on his ad spend.

As business owners… 

I believe we should have in place a system to bring in customers consistently.

It doesn’t have to be paid ads.

It could be hiring a sales person…

Or a referral system… 


But there has to be a system in place to bring you new customers. 

Think about this:

If you have no new customers for the next 6 months… 9 months.. or a year…

Can your business survive?

Maybe it can, but I know I’d be struggling.

Upon seeing my clients and my own success in using ads to generate new customers on autopilot…

I wrote this eBook in hopes to benefit more business owners who wants to level up their businesses.


For a limited time only, if you download this book, you get to book a free 1-1 zoom call with me where I help you find out what’s wrong with your ads and how to structure it for success.

I protect my time very fiercely. Clients pay me $500 per consultation session.

 But I’ve seen many times how a little nudge in the right direction can help me go very far…

So I’ll do it for my book buyers.

Click here to download book now

What you will learn:

  • How to create attention-grabbing ads that attract customers to you. … See page 20

  • How to follow up with your leads and convert them into customers. … See page 18

  • How to fix your ads fast if they’re not converting well. … See page 27.

  • 5 simple tips for writing a product page that will make people buy. … See page 50.

  • How to get maximize your ROI by understanding this crucial concept. … See page 13

  • How to write high-converting ad copy using 3 easy formulas. … See page 44.

  • How to get more clicks (hence more sales) by using these 2 techniques … See page 52.

This is perfect for you if:

1. You want to get more buyers for your business through Facebook advertising

2. You’re currently running Facebook ads but getting lousy results

3. You want to maximise your business potential and take it to the next level

With this eBook and its video resources…

You’ll learn how to use Facebook ads to get new customers and leads every day

Without paying expensive retainer fees to marketing agencies…

 Or signing up for expensive online courses.

Once you master the skill of creating powerful ads,

You no longer have to worry about the lack of customers anymore.




Lead Gen Campaign Creation Guide

Set up a lead gen campaign using this step-by-step written guide.

This Google doc will be kept updated even as Facebook’s dashboard changes in future.

This means anytime you get confused on setting up a lead gen campaign, you can just refer to it.


Create Your Lead Generation Campaign in 30 minutes

Want to create a lead generation campaign?

This training will shorten your learning curve and save you a HUGE amount of time.

If you follow the step-by-step video, you can set up your first lead gen campaign in just 30mins!

Watch a preview of the training here:


Steal my retargeting ad strategy that consistently gives me a 5x return every time

See how I pulled in 174 new customers and generated $28k in revenue in the month of May 2021.

While touching my ad account only twice.

Most ‘gurus’ or teachers you see online never ever show you their ad account.

But I shot it for you anyway because I want you to win together with me in this game of Facebook marketing. 

Exclusively for people who invest in ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ book.


1-1 Consultation

The most valuable bonus of all.

A 1-1 session where I look at your ad campaigns and see how much more money you could potentially be making (or losing)

A few simple tweaks here can improve your results tremendously…

Paying you back many times what this ebook costs.

What People Say About This E-book:

Amos runs a Chinese tuition centre and previously engaged an agency to run his ads for him. Now, he runs his ad on his own and managed to bring his cost per lead down from $20 to $14.  

Social proof IG story

“The recent iOS 14 changes have turned the whole game on its head. What worked just 2 months back doesn’t work anymore. Which is why I run my ads myself and learn the fundamentals from folks like Edmund who does this day in and day out and applies it.  

If you want to take ownership of your rice bowl, you can start by reading this book ” 

– Alvin, Team Director leading a team of 15 real estate agents

Anders owns an interior design firm. He read the book, watched the training videos and started generating leads at just $9.77 per lead.

Usual Price: $69


 $11.90 only

Delivered instantly. 

Starting reading in the next 3 minutes.


Before creating ‘Profitable Ads Secret’ guide, I struggled with my business and was desperately looking to get more sales.

I then embarked on Facebook marketing and tripled our revenue in just 1 year.


I scaled too fast and ended up losing money.

My business partners blamed me…

 It led me to question everything I knew about marketing and Facebook ads.

I was on the verge of giving up.

Fortunately… I just refused to.

After a crazy amount of  testing and learning…

I finally figured out how to run Facebook ads profitably.

I’ve reached a point where my Facebook ad campaigns work like a machine that brings me new buyers every day.

In fact, I rarely touch my ad campaigns anymore unless I really need to fix them.

I no longer worry about not having customers anymore.

If that sounds like something you want too…

To have customers buying from you every day on autopilot…

To NOT worry about low sales…

To NOT stress over cashflow problems…

You now have to opportunity to learn what I did right and wrong.

And you can finally run the business you’ve always dreamed of in a profitable and sustainable way.


"I was a newbie at first and was worried my business would fail"

Hi, I’m Edmund.

Here’s a short story of how I went from a once-struggling business owner…

To now a paid marketing expert to other businesses.

I started my first business while I was still in university. 

We created a website and provided a matching service for private guitar tutors and students.

It eventually grew to provide music team bonding programmes globally for companies.

Business was okay for the few years.

But one day… I started to worry because the business was stagnant.

Our revenue was constantly stuck around $30-$50k per year.

It was good money for a university student.

But it wouldn’t be sustainable for faster growth.

At that point, negative thoughts started to creep in.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer…

I’m 100% sure you’ve experienced this before.

And all those times I kept asking myself:

“Am I really maximising my potential?”

“Am I giving the best to take the business to another level?”

“Do I want to be stuck/stagnant forever?”

Because I know as an entrepreneur…

I can never stop learning if I want to succeed.

The roller coaster ride begins...

That was when I thought of using Facebook ads to grow the business.

Everyone was using Facebook and I figured it could help me reach out to more people easily.

In our corporate team bonding programmes, we teach people how to play ukulele in just 2 hours 

I figure there  would be demand for it if I were to open it to public. 

So I tried running Facebook ads to see if we could get any sign ups.

I launched my first Facebook ad campaign not knowing what to expect…

And surprisingly… it was very successful.

We held our very first music workshop with 20 sign ups.

We made a 10X return on the money spent on ads.

Seeing the amazing results from running ads…

We eventually launched workshops for different music instruments. 

This created a huge revenue stream for our business.

We also started an eCommerce store selling our own brand of music instruments.

We tripled our revenue that year.

While everything seemed easy and rosy…

The truth hit me hard at the end of 2019. 

I was shocked when my accountant passed me our financial statements.

While revenue increased due to the many new customers we gained…

Some ad campaigns actually lost us money.

This means the revenue was less than the amount spent on ads.

That resulted in a negative cashflow for our business that year.

My partners started to question me…

“How did we lose money…?”

“I don’t think Facebook marketing is effective…”

“You’re too aggressive… You run the business like a gambler…”

It was hard to hear those words.

But the truth remains…

We made losses. 

And I was to blame. 

I stopped all the Facebook ads that was running.

But I refused to give up finding out what went wrong.

Why Your Ads Don't Perform

For the next 3 months I studied like crazy.

I buried myself in as many books and courses I could find to help increase my marketing ROI.

Books on marketing, copywriting, creating offers and optimising conversions.

With an unused notebook I found lying around,

I jotted down all the important points so I could easily refer to it again.

I still have it today:

Untitled design (30)


I even got a professional certification from Facebook as a Facebook Media Buying Professional.


I wanted to be damn sure I understood their ad mechanism inside out.

I had to find out the main reason why some of my marketing campaigns lost money.

But the truth is there isn’t just one reason.

There are too many factors affecting the success of your ads.

After studying my own ads and countless of other Facebook ads…

I discovered the top 3 reasons why campaigns fail:

1. Your offer is not attractive enough

2. Your ad copy is not written well enough to grab attention

3. You don’t know how to fix underperforming ads

After knowing these 3 reasons… 

I went on “repair” mode right away.

Ads Sold Like Crazy...

I knew my offer wasn’t the issue because people were already buying my products.

So I referred to my notebook with my handwritten notes again…

There was a part on how what certain ad metrics meant.

With the low click-through rates I had,

I realised the way I wrote my ad copy wasn’t grabbing enough attention.

So I “repaired” my ads by rewriting all of them.

If you’re curious, here’s how the ad looked like: 


This ad sold like crazy for us that month.

This was in Apr-May 2020 during the Covid19 lockdown.

Everyday we were busy fulfilling all the online orders:



Ads dashboard: $52k revenue generated with ad spend of $4.3k


But you see, the solution here wasn’t because I rewrote the ad copy.

The solution was that I knew how to find out what went wrong and how to fix them.

Sometimes it could be an offer issue.

Sometimes it’s because your ad image or copy isn’t done well.

A friend spotted me on TV and asked for my "secrets"

Some time in 2020, I appeared on a local TV programme where they interviewed us on our business journey.

A friend called me after spotting me on TV.

He runs an enrichment centre and wanted to get more students using Facebook marketing.

There were still slots to be filled and he wanted to maximize his revenue.

Knowing that I spent a lot on ads… he asked a really smart question:

“What should I look out for in order to succeed in Facebook ads?”

Instead of asking “how to run ads”, he asked “what to look out for”.

I wish I knew how to ask this back then when I was learning Facebook marketing.

Because when you learn from the experience and mistakes of others…

You can avoid many pitfalls and can save yourself so much time.

While I wanted to point him to many of the resources I read…

I know it will be too overwhelming for him.

So I remembered my notebook containing the important tips of running Facebook ads.

To spare him from reading my ugly handwriting,

I typed and  organized it into bite-sized sections for him.

Believe it or not…

Using the concepts in that document…

He increased his student intake by 6 within just the 3 weeks of running ads.

That means an extra $14k in yearly revenue (each student pays around $200/month)

He was so thankful because he was finally maximizing his revenue.

All his time spent worrying in the past about unpredictable revenue can now be put to better use…

Like focusing on developing more materials for his students.

Seeing his success…

I got inspired to help more business owners.


I wrote a book called:


To help you get more customers online 

So you can finally run the business you’ve always dreamed of in a profitable way

Profitable Ad Secrets was written to help business owners run profitable ad campaigns

‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ is an 84 page written guide that will help you run Facebook ads profitably.

It will equip you with the right knowledge and skills…

To bring in more leads and customers using Facebook ads.

So your business will no longer be stagnant.

And you can now take it to the next level with this set of skills.

Here are the chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: The Math Behind A Profitable Ad Campaign 

(why marketing should be seen as an investment instead of expense)

Chapter 2: The Most Important Thing You Must Know Before Running Ads 

(miss this and your ads will likely lose money. worse, your business may not even survive in the long term)

Chapter 3: Why Lead Gen Campaigns Fail And How To Make It Successful 

(find out why you are getting leads but unable to turn them into sales)

Chapter 4: How To Fix Your Ads If It Is Not Giving You Results 

(know what and how to fix your underperforming ads fast)

Chapter 5: Understanding The Real Objective Of Your Ad 

(your ad has only 1 simple objective. hint: it has nothing to do with selling)

Chapter 6: How To Write High-Converting Ad Copy Easily 

(3 easy headline formulas you can use to grab attention)

Chapter 7: How To Increase The Rate Of People Clicking Through Your Ad Using These 2 Techniques 

(simple tweaks that can potentially get you cheaper clicks and more conversions)

Chapter 8: Common Mistakes In Ads You’re Wasting Money On 

(save effort, money and time by learning from other’s mistakes)

Chapter 9: Why You Should Run Your Own Ads And What To Look Out For When Engaging An Agency

(advice that could save you all the headaches if you want to outsource your marketing)

Chapter 10: Get This One Thing Right To Run A Profitable Ad Campaign … Pg 79

(this is all you need to get buyers easily. even if your marketing sucks)

Preview of the book:

What Business Owners Say About This Book:

“I just completed Profitable Ad Secrets and I really like how easy it was to digest. Rather than a comprehensive guide to everything, I very much appreciate how concised it was. Having examples from other ads and from your own experience also helps give a better idea of what’s being communicated. Great job!” 

-Jasper, Owner of a magic events company and his wife runs an online gift store. 

They now generate leads and sales without paying expensive digital marketing agencies.

“Facebook marketing is not easy to achieve results. Edmund’s guidebook helped me learn and understand the basics. This is useful for those who are new to Facebook marketing.”

– George, Owner of Raffles Paint 

“Having zero experience in online marketing and ads, this guidebook is really insightful and easy to understand for a layman. The tips were immediately applicable for marketing and ads on Facebook. I already started using some of the techniques and tricks I read from the guide. Highly recommended!”

– Jas, Owner of Rainbowly

“Edmund has helped reframe my thinking about how modern advertising is and should be, especially after reading ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’. The language used is simple and easily understood and he is genuinely passionate about helping businesses grow their customer base!” 

– Leong, Partner at Callaghans Financial Services

Why you should get this book:

Most business owners try to run Facebook ads on their own but often struggle to see results.

They pay for expensive courses to learn Facebook marketing…

Then launch their own campaigns…

And get expensive leads that don’t convert into sales.

Seeing their money go to waste,

They give up.

Then they reach out to marketing agencies for help…

But they’re not cheap.

(some agencies charge $5k for a start, and then $1.5k-$2k/month. some even charge $100 per lead)

The truth is…

As a business owner, you know your product/service best.

You know who your ideal customers are and how to sell to them more than anybody.

You should handle your own marketing (at least at the start)

If you want to take charge of your own business…

And starting seeing marketing results fast…

This book is for you.

Well, it’s more than just a book. 

It’s a mini course that comes with training videos to help you take action faster and easier.



If you’re still reading…

It means you are keen to learn how to run Facebook ads profitably.

And I want to give you a really good offer.

When I completed writing this book…

I priced it at $69 originally.

Which to me is a steal.

Because I spent thousands of dollars and hours to finally learn what works.

Imagine how much time AND money you would have saved by running your ads right.

And we all know how expensive some Facebook courses are.

But right now…

You don’t need to pay thousands to learn.

You won’t even need to pay the original $69 for this guide.

You can now get this book for just:



For just $11.90,

You get to shorten your learning curve when it comes to Facebook marketing.

You will avoid all the costly mistakes I committed after spending $500k on ads.

You will learn to create powerful ads, generate leads and sales that will pay for this book 100X over.

In short, you are not just buying a book.

You are investing in your business.

You are equipping yourself with a powerful skill that can take your business to another level.



You’ll get these 4 free bonuses


Bonus Chapter: Step-by-Step Shortcut Guide To Creating A Lead Gen Campaign 

(Worth $19)

Learn how to set up a lead gen campaign using this step-by-step written guide.

Follow the steps closely and your lead gen campaign will be up in just 30 mins! 

This document will always be kept updated even as Facebook’s dashboard changes in future.

This means anytime you get stuck setting up a lead gen campaign, you just need to refer to this Google doc.


Video Training On How To Create A Lead Gen Campaign On Facebook

(Worth $79)

Need a step-by-step video tutorial to get started fast?

This mini video course is for you.

You will learn:

– How to create a Facebook page

– The basics of Facebook ads platform

– How to set up a lead gen campaign and where to retrieve your leads.

This will greatly shorten your learning curve and save you a HUGE amount of time.

Watch a preview of the training here:


Peek Into My Ad Account

(Worth $199)

Most ‘gurus’ or teachers you see online never ever show you their FB ad account.

While I’m not a ‘guru’…

I’m a legitimate business owner and a practitioner running Facebook ads everyday.

I show you my results so you can learn from it and win too.

You will see how I pulled in 174 new customers and generated $28k in revenue in the month of May 2021.

While touching my ad account only twice.

That’s freedom to me.

You can’t put a price on private information like this.

But I shot it for you anyway and it’s only for people who invest in ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ book.


1-1 Consultation

(Worth $299)

A 1-1 session with me to look at your ad campaigns and see how much more money you could be potentially making (or losing)

A few simple tweaks here can improve your results tremendously.


Let’s recap what you’ll get when you purchase this book today:

1. ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ eBook in a downloadable PDF format

(Worth $69)


2. Bonus #1: Step-by-Step Shortcut Guide To Creating A Lead Gen Campaign

(Worth $19)


3. Bonus #2: Video Training On How To Create A Lead Gen Campaign On Facebook

(Worth $79)


4. Bonus #3: Peek Inside My Facebook Ad Account And See My Winning Ads

(Worth $199)


5. Bonus #4: 1-1 Consultation to see how much potential money you are leaving on the table

(Worth $299)


The total value of the ebook and bonuses is worth:


But just for a very limited time only, you can get it at just



(You pay just 1%)

Pricing may increase...

This is not some fake scarcity tactic to trick you into buying this book.

The truth is…

Due to the rising ad costs, I may not be able to price this book at this price for long.

 As cliche and ‘noble’ this may sound…

The main reason I wrote this book is because I want to help business owners run ads without getting ripped off unnecessarily.

I’ve seen too many business owners wasting their money paying agencies to run campaigns for them but don’t get much results.

Yet I can’t just give this eBook away for free. 

On top of the running costs required to host website and its video resources…

It also contains very valuable information that just cannot be given away freely and publicly.

Information that can only be found only after spending hundreds of thousands on Facebook ads.

So if you want to start running powerful Facebook ads and build the business you’ve always dreamed of:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a beginner, will this book benefit me?

Yes. Even though this is not a ‘how to run Facebook ads’ book, the marketing concepts and tips in will benefit you, especially if you run your own business and plan to use Facebook ads one day. 

The bonuses included though contain step-by-step guide and training videos to help you set up a lead gen campaign if you run a business that needs to get leads.

2. What type of business owners/self-employed will benefit most from this book?

If you are a small business owner (revenue between 0 to 1.5m/year) selling a product or service, you will learn important marketing concepts that will greatly benefit you.

If you’re already running ads (ID firms, real estate, tuition centre, everyday products, service-related) but not seeing much success, the tips I shared should help your ads perform better.

Any ‘tricks’ or ‘tips’ we learn may not last forever because platforms (like Facebook ads restrictions) might change. But marketing concepts will last because they will continue to be relevant in the long run.

I wrote this book with that in mind – to share marketing concepts first (and then Facebook ads tips) so whatever you absorb from this book will always be relevant.

3. Will my Facebook ads guarantee to be profitable after reading this book?

If anyone can guarantee something at 100%… it’s usually ‘too good to be true’…

So nope, I can’t guarantee your ads will be profitable once you read this book.

But you’ll be equipped with knowledge and skills to run better ads that can bring you more sales after going through all the resources that comes with the book.

4. Is this a scam/get-rich-quick thing?

Short answer: 


Long answer: 

No… but if there is a way to ‘get rich quick’ by selling a book, please let me know I’ll be interested…!

Because I can’t ‘get rich quick’ from this. Plus my main income does not come from this.

I am just a guy who’s crazy about using digital marketing to scale a business. 

Google ‘TravelClef’ and you will know I run a legitimate business in Singapore with 2 physical locations.

5. What if I don’t like this book after reading it, can I get a refund?

It’s important to know what you’re buying into and I want you to be comfortable with this purchase. 

Download this book, read it and apply it. 

If you find yourself not learning anything from this and you want your money back, send an email to support@edmundchew.com and request for a refund within 30 days.

With no questions asked, you’ll get your money back and you get to keep ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ book free of charge.

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