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Why Your Leads Aren’t Buying (And What To Do)

Business owners running ads will agree with me:

It’s getting increasingly hard to get quality leads that will buy from you.

Even if you can get many cheap leads… chances are, they are low quality leads that are unlikely to buy from you.

I should know best, since I’m handling several ad accounts for businesses across different niches. 

What’s the reason your leads aren’t buying from you?

Yes, you could say it’s because there are more advertisers now.

It’s true that since the pandemic, the number of advertisers has grown. 

And we see all sorts of ads in different industries.

Whether it’s scammy ads or exaggerated ads..

We’ve seen it all.

Gurus who have proven methods showing you how to make money fast.

Realtors who can fetch the highest price for your property.

Marketing agencies that guarantee you hundreds of leads, or you don’t pay.

It may be the reason why it’s harder to get more leads.

But it’s still not the reason why your leads don’t buy from you.

So what’s the REAL reason your leads aren’t buying?

It’s not because your offer isn’t good.

It’s not because your product/service doesn’t solve a problem. 

(After all, you may have been running your business for years already.)

The real reason is because…

They don’t trust you enough yet.

That’s it.

You may be thinking:

“But I have video proof on my website… “

“I have client’s testimonials…”

That’s good.

But do they have to see more of it to make a decision?

Here’s a study done by Google when it comes to making buying decisions online.

I’ve been sharing this with all consulting clients recently.

It’s called the Google 7-11-4 rule.

Google’s research reveals that, on average, consumers spend 7 hours researching a product, engage with 11 touchpoints, and do so in 4 different locations before making a purchase decision.

Here’s a breakdown of what the 7-11-4 Rule means:

7 Hours of Content: 

Consumers seek diverse content to assess brand credibility and understand product offerings.

This content can take various forms, such as informative blog articles, instructional videos, audio content like podcasts, interactive social media sessions, and customer reviews.

Both positive and negative reviews help consumers build a complete picture.

11 Touch Points: 

Touchpoints are interactions between the brand and the consumer, occurring online and offline.

These include advertisements, websites, social media posts, email newsletters, brochures, product displays, and more. Each touchpoint contributes to the consumer’s perception of the brand.

4 Different Locations: 

Brands must recognize where consumers go for information.

Ensuring the availability of relevant content in these locations is essential.

These locations include the brand’s website and social media channels (a necessity), offline locations like physical stores or events, third-party websites or review platforms, and the social handles of influential figures.

(Above content taken from here:

What does this mean, coupled with what I said about people not trusting you enough?

It simply means, you need to nurture your leads, and build more trust with them THROUGH YOUR CONTENT.

I used to think:

“Aiya… I’m good at running ads and can get sales without posting organic content… I shall just let my ads run on autopilot.”

While that is true – where I can really just let my ads run on autopilot…

There will come a day where the cost per acquisition shoots up and it won’t make economic sense anymore.

So that’s a wrong mindset to have.

It should be:

I can now get MORE sales if I have MORE organic content to let people see my product works. 

And that exactly is the solution to solving this problem of leads not buying.

Because the truth is, your leads are unlikely to buy from you on day 1.

But hereon, it’s your job to nurture them through your content and help them make a purchase decision.

So the simple answer is to post more content across your social media platforms.

If you’re asking, “Okay but post what?”

Post videos showing how your product works.

Post videos of the final product of your service. 

Post images of happy clients.

Post IG stories of your process. 

If you want a detailed breakdown of my content strategy, you can read it in one of my previous newsletter here.

But here’s a simple and achievable tip I have for you.

Just aim to post 1 IG story a day.

Link it together with your Facebook page, so that when you post it on IG, it shows up on Facebook as well. 

Then once you do that, move on to posting more IG reels (as IG reels have really good reach now). 

If you can post daily about your product, your process, your results… 

You are slowly nurturing your leads, your followers…

Helping them to believe in you and will one day buy from you. 

So post more content today and start building trust with your audience.

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