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My Lazy But Efficient Video Ad Method That Works

Video ads usually get 6x more engagement than an image.

However, more than 50% of viewers drop off after watching the first 5 seconds of a video.

I’ve run enough ads to know the above statistics are true.

So I’ve developed a lazy but efficient method to create and test video ads fast.

This method allows me to test several angles using the same video so I can find the winning angle and scale that one ad to bring me more results.

If you’ve read my previous newsletter, you’d learn that my ads aren’t the nicest. Some of them are really ugly. But they convert well.

To get the most of today’s letter, I suggest you read the previous letter to know what makes an ugly ad convert.

This allows you to know what type of video footage to use.

Anyway, I’ll use a real example to show you how I created different ad angles using the same video.

I have a product called Flexi-Drums Starter Kit which I have been neglecting for the last year.

In 2024, I plan to scale up the sales of this particular product.

It’s basically a small flexible drum kit perfect for beginners to learn and play without having to buy a real drum kit.

The other day, I brought my son to my office and he was having fun with it.

Then I had an idea – why not record a short video of him playing and then use it as an ad?

But it’s not as simple as just showing the footage of him playing and getting people to buy.

The video footage forms only a part of my video framework which is this:




If you remember, most people drop off watching a video ad after the first 3-5 seconds.

So the purpose of a hook is to write something that catches the viewer’s attention.

Here’s my secret…

Once I create 1 video, I can create multiple more videos but the only thing I change is the hook.

This allows me to test which hook works the best in pulling in the sale.

Since I’ve just created a video ad for this product, I’ll share the whole process in detail.

The other day, my 3yo son was watching TV…

And most parents usually want to limit the screen time their kids (toddlers) have.

As a parent, I know this is a problem.

If this is a problem I want to solve (having too much screentime), I know many other parents do too.

So I decided to film my son watching TV and I used that as my first hook:

Hook #1: Is your kid having too much screen time?

The video then transits to my son playing the drum kit, before showing the benefits of it.

Here’s the ad copy for the whole video ad:


Is your kid having too much screen time? Then get them interested in playing THIS!


Our Flexi-Drum Kit is perfect for beginners.

It comes with a video tutorial to help you get started.

Easy to follow. Fun to play.

Jam along with your favourite songs.


Get yours today.

You can watch the video ad here:

With this same video, I wrote 2 more hooks:

Hook #2: Running out of activities for your kids to do?

I wrote this because I know parents with toddlers are always looking for new and fun activities for their kids to do.

Hook #3: Want to keep your kids occupied so you have more free time?

I wrote this because I know parents with toddlers usually don’t have a lot of free time to themselves.

If there’s an activity that can keep their kid occupied for just 10 mins… it’ll mean so much to them.

So I decided to use that angle.

As you can see, with just the same ad, I’ve come up with 3 different angles to test.

These are angles to target parents.

I haven’t come up with different angles to target other audiences, like the general adult who always wanted to learn drums, or the bored retirees, or the Gen Z people who might think playing drums is cool.

If I come up with just 3 hooks per audience, this would give me a total of 12 different ad angles to test.

3 hooks x 4 audiences (parents, general adults, retirees, Gen Z) = 12 ad angles.

Using just 1 video framework.

Creating a video ad like this has never been easier.

Capcut is free.

And if you don’t know how to come up with hooks?

Just ask ChatGPT.

So go and create more video ads to bring in more sales and leads for your business.

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