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How To Sell Without Being Salesy

This powerful concept forever changed the way I sell something.

I used this in my sales page and saw conversions improve by 20%.

Prospects whom I speak to get persuaded easily without me sounding pushy.

What is it?

The concept is called a unique mechanism.

It works best when someone is already trying to find a solution to a problem they’re facing.

It explains why your prospect is struggling to achieve a goal, and how they overcome that problem.

Once you do this, you don’t have to resort to any sale-sy or pushy techniques to make the sale.

Because you help your prospect to see logically how you can help them succeed.

There are 2 parts to explaining the unique mechanism:

  1. The unique mechanism behind the problem your prospect faces.
  2. The unique mechanism behind the solution to that problem.

First, you get your prospect to see why they’ve failed in the past.

Then, you show them you have the solution that can bring them success where other solutions they’ve tried have failed.

When I first learned this, I was mind blown.

Because I felt this was the missing piece to my sales page and overall marketing direction.

For the longest time, I didn’t feel like I was really solving a problem.

To me, I was just able to teach people how to play the ukulele or piano in 2 hours. That’s all.

But once I understood this unique mechanism concept, I could finally see the value my music workshops had.

We’re not just teaching people how to play music. 

The fact that we can help them play in 1-2 hours is because we were solving a problem. The problem is that people think learning music requires you to learn complex music theory first.

You see, many music lessons start with teaching the theory before the practical aspect. Beginners start by learning how to read scores, understand the value of musical notes etc.

But in our curriculum, we teach our students how to form a shape and can start playing without having to understand any theory first.

Most people who’ve always wanted to learn piano or guitar or any music instruments often think to themselves, “I need to learn music theory first. I have no music background. Learning music is complex and I guessI’ll never be able to play the piano since it requires a lot of knowledge and time.”

These are stuff I always hear from our students. So you need to know what struggles your prospects are facing.

What limiting beliefs do they have?

What are some misconceptions they have?

What’s stopping them from achieving their goals?

Gather those information because that will form up the unique mechanism behind the problem they have.

There may be a few common problems, but there will always be one that stands out.

In my case, it’s hearing people saying that they need to have musical talent to start learning music. It’s hearing people say they need to have a music background to learn, otherwise they will struggle.

So that forms part 1 of the unique mechanism – the problem they’re facing.

Then, part 2, which is the unique mechanism behind my solution, is that I can teach someone how to play music without having to learn any music theory.


I teach them how to form just 1 shape on the piano. And they can move that same shape around the piano to play different chords. This will allow them to play and sing along to many different songs.

The outcome for my piano workshop is very clear. I can help someone play the piano in 1 hour. They will learn to play and sing pop songs using simple chords and not a classical piece from Mozart/Beethoven. 

And we do this using a proven method that doesn’t require you to understand music theory yet.

Now that you’ve understood (I hope) this concept of unique mechanism, let me it write out as though I’m explaining ( or selling) to someone who’s keen to find out about my piano workshop:

The reason why most people struggle to learn the piano is because they think they need to have prior music background or experience. They think they need to have the musical talent to start learning.

However, this is not true. To start playing and singing on the piano to your favourite pop songs, you don’t need to learn music theory first.

All you need is to learn how to form a chord shape, and we have a special way to teach you how to do that.

Just by forming one shape, and moving this shape around the piano, you can form the chords required to sing more than 50% of the pop songs you hear in the world.

If you want to learn piano easily and fast, then join our piano workshop.

So you see, I can convince someone so much easier without having to sound salesy.

Once you learn this, you can write it in your sales page, or use it when talking to your prospect.

However, finding the unique mechanism behind the problem your prospect faces can sometimes be difficult, depending on which niche you’re in.

Let’s say you now run a Math tuition centre.

Why does a child struggle to do well in Math?

There could be many reasons of course.

Some kids just have no interest, some kids are weaker when it comes to understanding Mathematical concepts.

The best way is to talk to the parents to find out how or what they feel about the struggles their child faces. Then use that as the unique mechanism behind the problem that child faces.

As I’ve helped clients in this niche before, I know that most kids struggle to do well in Math because they don’t even understand what the question is asking for in the first place.

They are unable to link it to the concepts taught in school. So this Maths tuition centre has a special method to help students break down the question into parts, and link it to concepts they’ve learned, so they can then attempt to answer it properly.

So let’s write the unique mechanism for this Maths tuition centre:

The reason why your kid struggles to excel in Math is because they fail to understand what the question is about. 

Most parents think Math is all about practice. They make their kids practise blindly and furiously in hopes that it will improve their answering abilities, but they still struggle to improve.

Fortunately, we’ve designed a unique approach to help your child easily break down a Math problem into parts. This helps them to link back to topics they’ve learned, helps them to understand what the question is looking for, and finally they will know how to answer it using the topics they’ve previously learned.

This unique mechanism concept that can be used for any product/service.

Insert this into your sales page and pitch and watch your conversions go up.

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