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How To Make Facebook/Instagram Ads Work In 2024 (And Beyond)

If you’re thinking of using Facebook/Instagram ads to get more customers for your business…

But unsure whether it will work…

Or you’re already running ads but not getting the results you want…

I’ll share with you how to make it work successfully in 2024.

My definition of getting it to “work” means your campaigns are:

  • Bringing you quality leads or customers 
  • Generating you leads at a reasonable cost (not crazy cost per lead)
  • Giving you a positive ROI for your ad spend

I’ve spent over $500k on ads and currently manage about $30k worth of ad spend monthly.

So I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. 

More importantly, I know the factors that could determine the success of your campaign.

So here are 4 points that, if done right, can strongly make your campaign successful.

1. Show how your product/service solves a problem (benefits) 

Most people don’t write a clear ad on what problem their product solves.

You have to write clearly how your product helps your target audience achieve their goals.

On top of writing it clearly, your ad creative (the image or video) should also show how your product works. 

If you don’t know how to write an ad well, use ChatGPT.

Here’s how you can do it briefly:

Go to ChatGPT.

Type in your first prompt:

What are the problems people face when it comes to (buying a home/financial planning/renovating) 

Type in your product/service in the brackets

Second prompt:

My business provides (financial planning/renovating/educating) to (working adults/new home owners/students).

I am going to run a Facebook ad to advertise my services.

Based on the problems described above, can you write me 10 attention-grabbing, high-converting ads that help promote my service and show how it solves the problems?

Go try it now and see what happens.

You will be amazed. With such technology we have, you can do almost anything even if you have zero knowledge.

2. Create videos/images that make people trust you

The key objective of your ad is to help people see that:

  • Your product can help achieve their goals
  • They can trust and believe in you (credible, trustworthy, professional)

Your video or image should show:

How your product works

  • For eg, aircon cleaning in progress, a class of students paying attention to tutor, renovation works in progress


  • Picture of you and happy customers, video of completed home renovation, screenshot of customers thanking you for helping them achieve their goals

If you’re running a video, it’s crucial that you hook your audience in the first 3 seconds. 

That requires you to write a strong hook. 

For example:

Want to start your home-based business in 7 days?

How to learn piano in 1 hour – no music background needed.

How to score A in Maths without practicing hard!

3. Have a strong follow-up process

This point right here, is crucial.

Because it will make or break your campaign.

I would have written it as the first point above. The only reason I didn’t is because some of you don’t have a clear proven offer yet.

But once you already have a proven product offer, and assuming your campaigns are bringing in leads…

It’s your follow up game that will determine whether you will get sales from it.

There are many ways of following up.

Call, text, whatsapp, email.

It really depends on the industry you’re in, the amount of resources you have to help follow up.

I have a lot of examples to show you.

Perhaps let’s start with my own business.

My follow-up process for my music workshops are fully automated.

That means when a lead submits interest in my program, they get an email with a link to make payment.

Once they make payment, they get confirmation details and even reminders via email before the class.

It’s designed that way because my workshop dates are planned in advance.

People can see the schedule and book the dates which they can make it. So that’s easier for me.

What if your service is not like mine?

Perhaps you’re a financial planner or real estate agent.

The follow up process will be different because you need to present your services to a prospect before closing them.

That means you need to secure an appointment.

How you get that appointment depends a lot on how you follow up with them, the things you say to get them to meet you.

I’ve worked with many agents to help fine-tune their process.

One important thing you must know is that the time you take to contact a lead is crucial.

If a lead comes in, and you take more than a day to get back, chances of getting ghosted by the lead is high.

On top of having fast response time, it’s the mode of you contacting the lead.

Based on my experience, calling works the best.

It provides a different kind of connection compared to a text or email.

I know calling doesn’t work for everyone.

Some people hate calling, so they may hire people to call for them.

Some people are not good at calling, so they use text instead.

If you want to see results, then I suggest you call your leads.

Work out a simple script to follow.

Call personally.

You will then be able to see what works and how to improve.

Calling your lead allows you to also find out:

  • Whether the lead genuine
  • What problems they are facing
  • Whether you can fix an appointment with them

Right now, my follow up process includes almost all modes.

Emails, whatsapp, call.

For my clients who are in real estate or financial planning, I tell them they MUST call within 2 hours.

Here’s another example of a strong follow up process that works.

This doesn’t require any calling, but it requires a strong team of people.

I have a client who spends 5 figures a month on ads. When I worked with him at first, I was surprised to see 100% of his ad spend goes into a campaign focusing on getting messages (instead of leads).

When I took over his ads, I diverted some of his budget to generate leads and upon comparison, the cost per lead was cheaper than the messaging campaign. 

We based it on actual phone numbers collected. 

I was surprised to learn that they could close more sales from the messages compared to the leads coming in from the lead generation campaign.

The reason why they could achieve that is because they had a team of 15 people responding to the messages.

That means messages are responded fast (almost immediately) and they are very focused on one objective: which is to secure an appointment with the person.

If you have a strong follow up team, then by all means, do so without having to call.

A successful follow up is one that is fast, and can move the lead to the next step of the sales process.

4. Know how to test your ads when they don’t perform well

If you’ve tasted some success in your campaigns before, like getting leads in and turning them into paying customers…

There might be periods where your campaign results can suddenly drop.

When this happens, you must know why.

Are people getting tired of your ad?

Is it time to change up the video and ad angle?

Or is your targeting off?

These are metrics that are crucial for you to know. (I explain this in my ebook)

Knowing what and how to test your campaigns are important.

Here’s a simple way to test your campaigns.

Let’s say you have video A, and copy A.

Assume we are targeting the same group of people.

So in your ad set, you can run 2 ads:

Video A, Copy A

Video A, Copy B

See which ad brings you the leads.

Right now, I run 3 ads inside each ad set.

I usually use the same copy, but I test different images and videos.

Which means, I have 3 ads:

Copy A, image A

Copy A, video A

Copy A, video B

These are pretty complex stuff which is hard to type it all here.

But my point is if your campaigns aren’t bringing in the results…

And what used to work is suddenly not working anymore…

Then you gotta start testing new ads.

In summary, to really get the best ROI from ads, it helps a lot to zoom out and think about the whole process from start to end.

Ads are just the beginning of your sales process.

Once you craft a winning ad that brings in the leads, you’ve got to see through the whole process, moving the leads to the end of your sales process (and get paid).

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