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How To Get Pre Paying Customers Using This Simple Ad Method

If you run a service-based business and:

– You’re relying on giving out free trials to get customers

– You’re not getting quality leads for your service

– You have the capacity to take on more customers 

Then let me show you how you can start attracting pre-paying customers for your service using a simple ad method. 

I’ve been working with several service business owners to increase their customers (and revenue) using this method. 

Like this new business who closed $1150 in sales after just spending $300+ on ads:

Or this business, who used to offer free trial, but recently started changing his model to a pre pay model:

I can’t share which niche they’re in to protect their offers.

But this method works best for businesses like:

– Spa/beauty salons

– Tuition

– Personal trainers

– Chiropractors

– Home-services (aircon servicing, cleaning)  

Here’s how it works:

1) You create an enticing offer

2) You run ads to it

3) You start conversations with interested people

4) You collect payment before you start your service

This method is simple, effective and saves you time from dealing with low intent or low quality leads.

For this method to work, you need 2 things:

1) A strong offer that solves a pain for your prospects

2) Prompt follow-up process

Creating a strong offer

A strong offer is one that has a clear outcome, solves a pain point, and preferably priced at a promotional rate (but this is optional).

(Btw, when I use the word offer, I don’t mean competing on price. It’s the whole package of what you sell, what you offer and at what price)

Example of an average offer:

Guitar lessons for beginners. 12 lessons at $XX.

Example of a strong offer:

Learn how to play guitar in 3 hours. No music background needed. Sign up for the full package and get a free guitar worth $200.

The fastest way for you to create a strong and unique offer is to look at what your competitors are offering, and see if you can make it better. 

You can easily see their ads on Facebook ads library. 

Prompt follow-up process

Once leads start coming in, follow-up fast.

Make your texts/calls more conversational.

Find out what problem they’re facing, before telling them how you can solve it for them.

Here’s how you create this on Meta ads:

1) You create an Engagement campaign

2) Under ad set -> conversion location, choose messaging apps

3) Select which of the messaging platforms people can reach out to you.


These days, there seems to be a lot of spam on messenger. 

So you can exclude that, and just select Instagram and Whatsapp.

If you don’t have time to focus on 2 platforms, just select Whatsapp.

It’s working pretty well for some of my clients. 

So once the lead comes in, your start a conversation with them and offer your service. 

It’s not a must to collect payment before they start – it’s completely up to you. 

Some people prefer to collect on the day itself. 

Some collect payment prior. 

The key thing here is people know they have to pay. 

And what we’re trying to achieve with this method is to get serious people who are looking to solve their problems. 

If someone is serious about solving a problem, they will be serious about paying. 

While this method sounds simple, it takes some time to test your ads. 

The truth is, after running ads for say 1-2 weeks, and you’re not closing any deals, it simply means:

– Your offer isn’t enticing enough 

– And you need to retweak the offer or the ads or the pricing

If you don’t know how to write ads, check out how to write an ad that cuts through the noise.

If you don’t know how to create video ads, check out my lazy but efficient video ad method that works.

This method isn’t too complicated.

Create your promo, run ads, talk to people via messaging, and collect the cash. 

No website, no landing page, no email system needed.

If you want more customers for your service business, it’s time to test this method.

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