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How I Maximise My Content With Minimal Work

I’ve always found it tough to create organic content consistently.

That’s why I chose to rely on running ads instead of using content to acquire new customers.

I gotta admit I’m bad at being consistent…  

However, I’ve found an efficient “minimalist” method when it comes to creating content.

So this year, I started to focus on being more consistent with this method which is proving to still be sustainable for someone like me. 

Inconsistent. Ill-disciplined. Lazy. Lol.

Anyway, there are 2 reasons why I start to be serious about creating content consistently.

1) Ads are getting expensive

2) People are taking a longer time to make a buying decision

So that means people need to see more of your content, know more about you, before buying.

The only way to nurture them (other than getting them to join your email list) to buy is through your content.

Well, the word ‘content’ is a very broad term…

There are many types of content we can create on different platforms.

Website – you gotta write articles.

Facebook/IG – it’s a combination of videos, images and writing.

Twitter – purely writing.

Tiktok – purely videos

Youtube – videos.

LInkedIn – writing. 

I’ve always struggled to find a simple way to do it because it requires a lot of work.

You could call me lazy and I won’t deny it…

But a lazy person will usually find a more efficient way to do things.

So here’s how I plan to create my content this 2024.

The strategy is to create one pillar content, and I’ll chop that content up into smaller bits and distribute it across various platforms. 

(You may have heard the term Waterfall content)

The key here is to decide the mode of your pillar content. (Is it going to be a video, or an article?)

Then, decide on what type of content you are going to focus on (your niche).

For me, writing seems to be the easiest and fastest.

If you look at how I describe the content needed for the various platforms above, you’d notice that writing seems to be the most important. 

So I’ve decided that my pillar content will be my written newsletter. 

Like the one you’re reading now.

I’ll write a weekly newsletter, usually about 1000-1500 words long.

The content is usually around Facebook ads, client acquisition, entrepreneurship.

Under each category, I’ll brainstorm topics to write about.

For example Facebook ads, I’ll share about:

  • Tips or strategy that are working
  • Common problems faced by advertisers and how to overcome them
  • Breakdown of types of ads that are effective

Client acquisition – I’ll talk about:

  • Follow-up processes and systems
  • Economics of acquiring customers through ads
  • Other methods of getting customers (organic content, offline marketing etc)

Entrepreneurship – I’ll share about:

  • Mindset stuff
  • Growing a team
  • Setting goals

The whole idea here is to write stuff related to my niche, so people will remember me when they think about ads, marketing.

I call this the “minimalist” approach because all I need to remember is to write 1 newsletter per week.

What I’ll then do is to distribute the content across these platforms:

Facebook post

Instagram post

Instagram stories (I’ll just share the Instagram post as stories)



Threads (by Instagram)

Since my letters are usually 1000 words long, I will summarize the main pointers to roughly 300 words.

This shorter version allows it to be posted on LinkedIn as a post, on Twitter as a thread.

I then put the summarized pointers into Canva, a very simple black background white text, and then post it on Instagram as posts.

(See it here)

What about Youtube and Tiktok?

I will basically read what I wrote (not word for word of course) but I’ll record a video of myself talking about that exact newsletter topic as a 10-12 min video and upload it on youtube.

Then, I’ll cut snippets of it and post on TikTok. The shorter videos can then be posted on Instagram reels.

Here’s roughly how my monthly content schedule looks like:

Week 1: Write a newsletter.

Week 2: Summarize it and post it across the platforms I mentioned above.

Week 3: Film a video on the topic and edit it, and post it on week 4.

Week 4: Post video.

I’ll select the previous 2 newsletter topics to film.

I aim to post one video in every 2 weeks.

So every month, on week 2 and week 4, I’ll release my videos.

Here’s how my weekly content schedule looks like:

Every weekend, I’ll release my newsletter.

Then use Mon/Tue to summarise it, before posting across all platforms on Wednesday.

And the rest of the days, I focus posting on IG as it’s the platform I’m most active on and think I can grow more on.

As you can see, I try to make it as systematic as possible so I don’t have to think about what and when to do it.

Here’s the thing though.

I’m doing this knowing the fact that I won’t be seeing results (in terms of getting new clients) in the next 6 months or so.

Because content takes time to compound, just like your long term investments.

And this is the “long term investment” I’m making in my business.

I know for a fact that once I do this long enough, my brand awareness will be out there. 

The ROI will come later.

If you recall my previous article on 10 things I learned in 2023, “play long term games” is one of them.

And my minimalist content strategy is the long term game I’d like to play.

I printed this quote and placed it right on my desk:

Follow the plan.

Don’t chase the glory.

Work hard & be satisfied.

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