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How I Get 3 in 10 to Say ‘Yes’ With This Upsell Pitch

The challenging thing about being an entrepreneur is that you have to learn and do everything yourself at the initial stages of building your business.

I’ve shared previously how I learned digital marketing – specifically Facebook ads to get customers for my music workshops.

Then I learned how to write a persuasive sales page (aka copywriting) so I could run ads to it to get sign ups. 

So I’ve pretty much learned the skill of selling via writing.

But there came a point in my business where I had to learn how to sell in person. 

Basically a sales pitch, like the gurus you see selling on stage (but a smaller setting for me).

For context:

My offer back then was a 2 hour ukulele workshop. 

After the lesson, I had to sell my full ukulele program to the participants.

(To increase my customer lifetime value)

Being a data-driven marketer, each time I did a pitch, I recorded the stats.

My average conversion rate was around 30%. 

That means 3 out of 10 people will buy after my sales pitch. 

Not the best, but also not too bad, considering they are considered a cold audience.

Today, I don’t pitch anymore as I’ve successfully trained my instructors to do it.

Recently, a few of my consulting clients asked about selling in person.

So I revisited my framework and I thought I’d share it in this post about how I craft my upsell pitch. 


This works best only if someone has experienced your product/service at least once.

And you apply this pitch usually after a free or paid trial.

If you’re in a service business and you have some sort of a trial before you upsell higher ticket items, it should be relevant for you. 

My 30% Upsell Pitch Framework:

1) At the start of the trial, share your ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your business

2) After the trial, summarise what outcome was achieved

3) Share your personal story why you’ve decided to do this

4) Connecting to the upsell offer

5) Explain how you can help them achieve MORE

6) Drop a limited-time only offer

One client implemented this (at the time of writing this post) and closed 2 out of 4 trials, collecting about $3k cash.

What heartens me the most when it comes to sharing such stuff is not just because of the monetary value of these strategies…

But more importantly, giving entrepreneurs the hope and belief that they can do it.

That things can become greater and bigger.

Let’s dive deeper into each of the pointers.

1) Share your ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your business at the start

Before I conduct my ukulele class, I screen a 2 minute video about the history of my company. 

It shows our ‘why’, and our ‘what’. 

Why did we decide to start the business, and what other services we provide.

If you have no video, you can simply do an introduction.

Give a tour around your space.

Show them your resources. 

Explain what drives you to do this. 

The reason for doing this is because:

People don’t buy what you do.

They buy why you do it. 

Buying is often a subconscious decision. 

If you’re interested about this, google ‘The Golden Circle’ by Simon Sinek or read a post I wrote before here.

2) Summarise what outcome was achieved after the trial

This is where your upsell pitch begins.

After the trial, summarise what was achieved or what problem was solved.

“You can now play 4 songs on the ukulele.”

“You now have a less oily scalp.”

“Your kid now learned the basics of programming.”

This is to help them feel a sense of accomplishment – that something positive was achieved. 

3) Share your personal story why you’ve decided to do this

Similar to the introduction at the start, but this time you share deeper/more, perhaps a personal story of why you decided to embark on this business.

Something like your vision/mission statement, but in a story form.

It could be something as simple as “I enjoy doing this and it makes me happy to see people achieving xxx.” 

Or a personal experience where you helped someone to overcome certain challenges and you want to do more of it.

Keep it real and genuine. 

4) Connecting to the upsell offer

This is where you connect to your upsell offer.

This is also where most people get stuck, having no idea how to pitch. 

So here’s how you connect to what you want to sell:

Simply ask, “did you find today’s session helpful?”

Most of the time, people will say yes. 

If they say no, then you probably won’t have to continue with the pitch. 

(And maybe reflect what could be done better)

Assuming they say yes…

That’s where you move on to the next step.

5) Explain how you can help them achieve MORE

Once they say yes, then you can say:

“Great, because if you found today’s session useful, I’d like to share more with you how I can help you to achieve (desired outcome).”

In my case, for my ukulele class, I say:

“Then let me share with you our full ukulele program, where by the end of the whole program, you’ll be able to play and sing ANY song you like on the ukulele.”

6) Drop a limited-time only offer

Over here, you then give a special discount off the usual price. 

There has to be some sort of promotion, otherwise, why should they buy it now?

My favourite phrase when it comes to this type of selling is “only for today”. 

“Usual price of the program is $500, but ONLY FOR TODAY, you can get it at just $380.”

When you say that, you have to honour it. 

I use it not as a gimmick, but I actually mean it.

When customers who didn’t take up my offer come back to me the next week, I will tell them I cannot sell them at the offer price. 

I do so because I want people to take action on that day. 

This is why when running promos, having a deadline is effective in bringing in more conversions. 

So there you go, a very simple 6 step framework for my upsell pitch. 

Of course you have to tweak it according to your own services or products.

But the general flow is there for you to model after. 

Try it, and let me know your conversion rates 🙂

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