Want More Sales or Leads for Your Business?

If you’re a business owner or a self-employed person…

You know the importance of getting constant demand for your product/service.

Because if you don’t…

You risk not getting enough sales for the month to pay for your expenses…

Your business expenses… (staff/inventory/operating costs)

Your personal expenses… (food/housing/car/kids)

What if I told you there’s a proven way to attract customers who are willing to pay you for what you offer?

Imagine a scenario where:

You get incoming enquiries everyday from people interested in what you offer.

Without having to cold-call random people…

Without bugging your friends to help share what you have or “intro” customers…

All you have to do once you get an enquiry is to:

Either follow up with them to tell them more,

Or direct them to make payment automatically…

Yes, you can achieve that by advertising on Facebook/Instagram.

Maybe you tried running ads on your own but wasn’t successful.

Or you attended some online course or learnt some online gurus we often see on Facebook.

Which is perfectly fine if it’s working well for you.

But the thing is…

Most online courses teach pretty much the same stuff. 

(You can even learn for free from Youtube)

I often hear people trying to run their own ads but wasted their money not getting any results.

You and I know every business is unique and different.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when running Facebook ads.

To run Facebook ads successfully, every business needs to have their unique strategy.

Once they identify their unique strategy…

They should then bring that message out in their ads to stand out from competition.

Running ads is simple. 

It’s finding the unique strategy that is challenging.

And most marketing agencies don’t put in enough effort to find that out from their clients.

That’s also why it’s hard to find a good agency that can generate a good ROI for you.

While I don’t proclaim to be a “guru”… 

I am a practitioner running ads for my own business.

Which means I know how to maximise every ad dollar to produce the highest returns.

And I can help business owners do the same.

Having spent more than $400k on Facebook ads in just 2 years…

I was able to scale my music school business (which I started with a partner while in University) to 2 locations today.

If you need real advice (no BS no fluff) on how to scale your business using Facebook ads…

You can apply for a free 30 min consultation with me via the form below.

(The reason there’s an application is because I only work with serious business owners and it helps to ensure we are a good fit for each other. You’ll be notified whether or not the application is successful.)

What people say about me:

Edmund is a Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional. He is the co-founder of TravelClef and has used Facebook Ads to scale the business into 2 physical locations and a 6-figure eCommerce store selling physical and digital products.