O.C.T Method Case Study

Das Exclusive Interior

Additional $60k Of Revenue in 1 Month


Das Exclusive Interior is an interior design firm specialising in mostly HDB projects.  

As a relatively new company (about 2 years), they wanted to increase their base of clients.

Existing projects came through word of mouth and they have never tried any form of digital marketing. 

Several digital marketing agencies approached them but quoted them exorbitant prices. 

One agency quoted them a set up fee of $5k and then subsequent leads to be charged at $100 per lead. 

The high budget needed and the uncertainty of its results were a concern to him, so he didn’t move ahead with them.

He consulted me and after roughly about an hour of fact-finding, I decided to take on this project.



The interior design (ID) niche is pretty competitive in terms of Facebook ads cost.

Many ID firms are running ads and this pushes up ad costs. 

This means you have to “pay more” to get people to see your ad. 

The cost per 1000 impression is more expensive

Bear in mind we also have to compete with larger companies like Qanvast & Redbrick, whose ad budgets are probably way higher than a single ID firm.

Their internal team wanted us to create an ad targeting new homeowners who want to have a nightmare-free renovation process.

The ad looked like this:


However, not many leads came in and the cost per lead was really high.



Using the O.C.T (Offer-Copy-Traffic) framework, I restarted the whole lead generation campaign and tested different angles.

Through this framework, we work closely with business owners to bring out a solid Offer (O), and use our superior copywriting skills to write high-converting ad copy (C) before running traffic (T) using Facebook/IG ads to get more leads and customers.

After sitting down with the business owner to do some fact-finding, we came up with a new offer. 

Instead of targeting new home owners who were looking to renovate the whole home, we targeted existing home owners who wanted to renovate an existing part of their home, i.e their kitchen or toilet.

We worked together to create a “Kitchen Package” and it was a hit.

We ended up getting leads who wanted to not only their kitchen, but their rooms/toilets and some wanted to renovate their whole home.

This was the winning ad:



In that month, we pulled in 121 leads at just $10 per lead.  

5 new projects were closed that month and brought in an additional revenue of $60k for Das Exclusive Interior.

As of 2022, the same offer and ad copy is still being used. 

If you run a service-based business and you are looking to acquire more customers using Facebook/IG ads, the O.C.T method is perfect for you.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. It takes time to tweak and find the winning offer and ad copy. The O.C.T method, however, consists of a set of questions that help you structure an offer easily so you can test it fast.


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