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For Service Businesses Who Want More Customers:

How I Went From Feeling Frustrated With Low Sales, To Getting An Extra 50-100 Paid Appointments Every Month By Using This Simple "Appointment Automation Method"

.... without manually following up with leads to fix appointments

... without wasting time meeting people who simply aren't interested to buy!

Let Me Explain How This 3-Step Method Works In This Video Below:

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‘Appointment Automation Method
‘ is a counterintuitive approach that can help service businesses get more booked appointments automatically, without lead generation or cold calling. 

It works in 3 easy steps:

  • First, we create a killer offer that stands out from the crowd
  • Then, we drive traffic to a high-converting sales page selling our offer.


  • Prospects pay and book appointments directly after indicating interest.

This frees up our time as we no longer have to follow up with leads. Giving us more certainty in our income and schedule.

Why Some Service Businesses Struggle With Poor Sales

After years of struggling with my service business (a music school)…

I finally understood why some businesses can thrive while some continue to struggle.

For a service business to do well, there must be a system in place to get customers consistently.

Unfortunately, this is what most struggling businesses lack.

They have no system to get a constant flow of customers.

They try running ads hoping to get more leads.

But more problems arise:

Time wasted on following up with low quality leads who are not responsive.

Meeting up with people who have no buying intent. 

More money lost on ads.

But here’s the REAL reason behind this:

It has nothing to do with their pricing.

Or the lack of leads.

It’s because they do not have a “killer offer” to attract customers.

By that, I don’t mean offering ridiculously low prices for your service.

A good offer can be as simple as achieving the outcome of what your target audience wants…

Or solving a real problem your prospects face.

If I can offer to teach you how to play piano in just 1 hour without you needing any music experience, will you take me up on it? 

If I can offer you a service to kill all the cockroaches in your pest-infested car in just 2 hours, will you take me up on it?


How Service Business Can Get More Appointments Automatically

It took me many painful months of trial-and-error to finally get this right…

But I’ll sum it up for you how this method works:

First, you create a killer offer to stand out from competitors.

A killer offer is one that delivers a clear outcome, has benefits and takes away the pain of its target audience.

Then, you write a sales page to sell that offer using a proven structure.

Finally, you drive traffic from Facebook/Instagram to that sales page and convert the traffic into paid appointments.

People who registered interest can directly make payment for the appointment automatically. 

If I can exaggerate, this whole system feels like magic to me. 

With the click on a button (to turn on my ad campaigns)…

I get booked and PAID appointments automatically on my calendar.

Without me getting involved.

Once this system is implemented, it’ll look something like this:


You attract prospects, convert them, get cash flow and repeat the process again on autopilot.

This is the exact method that has allowed me to go from being just a service provider…

To being a brand owner today, manufacturing our own line of musical instruments.

Check out my 2nd branch where we display some of our products:

Since then, I’ve successfully helped implement this method for others.

Just like SistersCookies, a local home-based business who conducts baking and entrepreneurship.

They put out their killer offer as an ad:

And automatically get people sign up for their workshop:

Without having to Whatsapp or call the leads.

Previously, they were on their phones most of the time replying to enquiries.

Now, the spots gets filled up automatically.

If you’re a service business looking to get more customers, this method is for you.



For a limited time only, you get to claim a free 45 minute consultation call with me where I will customise a solution for your business and show you how to get more appointments.

I protect my time very fiercely. Clients pay me $500 per consultation session.

But I’ve seen many times how a little nudge in the right direction can help one go very far…

So I’ll do it for my book buyers.

Click here to download book now

What you will learn:

  • Why optimising your campaigns for leads can be a bad idea


  • How to create a killer offer that can attract quality clients

  • The 8 elements your sales page must have to convert visitors into customers


  • How to automate the booking of appointments for your service business

  • How to use Facebook and Instagram ads to drive quality traffic to your sales page


  • How to automate your appointments even if you do not have a website


If  you’re a service business owner who:

1. Want a proven approach to get more booked appointments consistently

2.  Tired of trying marketing methods that don’t bring results

3. Want to free up your time and do things that actually matter in your business/life

Then this book is for you. 

It will help you implement your automate your whole process of attracting new customers and getting them to pay and book for appointments.


Without paying expensive fees to agencies who promise to get you more leads

 Or following up with leads and risk getting ghosted by them

Once you get this system running…

You no longer have to worry about the lack of customers anymore.





These videos will show you step-by-step how to create your own appointment automation system.

It will speed up your learning and implementation.



This checklist will help you ensure you’ve got everything covered before launching.

So your appointment automation system will run smoothly without hiccups.


1-1 Consultation Call

The most valuable bonus of all.

A 1-1 Zoom call whereI customise a solution for your business, showing you exactly what and how you can implement this method to automate your service business.

From attracting customers, to getting them book directly with you.

Usual Price: $69


 $14.40 only

Delivered instantly. 

Starting reading in the next 3 minutes.

'Appointment Automation Method' Is A Shortcut

Before implementing this method, I struggled with uncertain sales and wasted a lot of time on manual work.

I remember launching my first Ukulele class, feeling unsure whether it would work.

While I did manage to get people to come for my workshops…

I struggled with a whole new set of problems.

The whole booking system.

Payments were collected manually and was MESSY.

Customers missed their appointments and requested to reschedule.

Customers paid and turned up, but my pen-and-paper method didn’t capture their records.

Which was embarrassing.

So many mistakes were made that I was on the verge of giving up. 

Fortunately… I didn’t.

Because after spending what seemed like an eternity of trial-and-error and testing…

The whole appointment booking system finally took off. 

I finally figured out a way to attract customers onlineand get them to pay and schedule for appointments on their own.

I’ve reached a point where this system works like a machine bringing customers every day.

All the hiccups I used to have are now gone.

Customers show up on time.

Payments are made on time. 

Without me having to do any sort of following up. 


If that sounds like something you want too…

To have  your appointment calendar automatically filled with customers. 

You now have the opportunity to implement it through this eBook.

You can now run your service business MORE smoothly, predictably and profitably.


If I didn't do this, my business wouldn't have survived...

Hi, I’m Edmund.

Here’s how I went from feeling unsure whether people would pay for my music lessons…

To now owning a full-fledged music school providing music workshops and even our own brand of musical instruments.

You see, I’m just a fellow business owner in Singapore like you. 

I just want to build a successful business for myself and my family.

This eBook all started when I noticed something important was missing in my business.

Something that if I didn’t fix – would have caused my business to die long ago.

It was this: 

I had no proper system in place to get a constant flow of customers consistently.

I started my first business while I was still in university. 

We created a website providing a matching service for private guitar lessons.

We then moved on to providing music enrichment classes in corporate firms.

Business was okay for the first few years.

But I started to worry because the business seemed stagnant.

I wanted to have more revenue and more certainty for our business.

We had something special – the ability to teach someone how to play the Ukulele in just 2 hours.

That was when I had the idea to rent a venue and market our music workshops to everybody using digital marketing.

Looking back, if I didn’t take this first step to launch this, we may not have survived until today..

Why focusing on getting leads may not be the smartest move

Many service business owners know that running ads on social media is the fastest way to get more customers.

So they focus on generating leads. 

Paying marketing agencies to help get more leads.

But it gets challenging.


Due to many advertisers running ads at the same time, the cost increases.

Cost per lead increases.

Quality of leads falls.

We get no replies after texting or calling a lead.

We get fake numbers.

Even if we can get them to meet us, they don’t seem to really have the intention to buy.

How do I know?

Because I’ve personally experienced all these as a business owner.

I thought my ads were the problem. 

I even took a professional exam from Facebook as a Facebook Certified Media Buyer:


I wanted to be damn sure I understood their ad mechanism inside out.

But I realized it has nothing to do with the way I write my ads.

I was focusing on the wrong thing.

Which was chasing for leads.

The secret to pulling customers in

When I launched my first Facebook ad campaign, I didn’t know what to expect.

All I know was that I had a special method to help people become a ukulele player in 1 session. 

To my surprise, after launching my ads, I filled up the full class with 20 sign ups. 

We made a 10X return on the money spent on ads.

Seeing the amazing results from running ads…

We eventually launched workshops for different music instruments. 

This created a huge revenue stream for our business.

With that extra cashflow, we were able to manufacture our own brand of musical instruments.

Upon reflecting why I was able to pull in so many students…

I realised the secret:

I had a super attractive offer.

Every student who signed up for my class could bring home a ukulele with them. 

That was why I could easily attract sign ups. 

Because of the VALUE they get. 

Becoming a ukulele player in 2 hours, and bringing home that ukulele for free.

That means instead of chasing for leads to come for my services…

I now attract and pull people in with a superb offer.

There is a simple formula to creating a killer offer and you can will find out in chapter 3 of this eBook.

While I could get customers in, I met with another challenge:

The laborious effort in handling appointments and payments.


How I automated this whole process and removed myself from it

My initial sign up process was manual.

People submitted a form.

I give them a link to make payment via Paypal or cash.

I record their name in an excel sheet and our calendars.

It was messy and errors often occured.

I had students who showed up saying they paid, but I couldn’t retrieve their records.

People were missing their lessons because “they forgot”.

I wanted to solve all that sh*t. 

I remember that very day which I solved all that.

Because I stayed up till 6am fine-tuning the whole system.

We had a Christmas event where we invited 200 students to jam together:

I had planned to sell our latest packages and wanted them to automatically pay and schedule the classes themselves.

Fortunately, I chanced upon this scheduling software which could handle EVERYTHING for me.

From payments, to scheduling, to even rescheduling their appointments on their own if they can’t make it. 

Since then, I moved all my workshops onto this booking platform.

Today, the booking of appointments goes smoothly without any manual work from me.

A friend spotted me on TV and asked for my "secrets"

Some time in 2020, I appeared on a local TV programme (Channel 8) where they interviewed us on our business journey.

A friend called me after spotting me on TV.

He runs an enrichment centre and wanted to get more students using my method.

He wanted to fill up the vacant spots in his classes and maximise his revenue.

Since then, many other service business owners have approached me to for help. 

Like Gerald, who owns a franchise gym in Singapore who wanted to get more members in:

Or Donavan, who runs an interior design firm and wanted to get more projects:

Or like Chef Suriani, who wanted to run more baking classes and teach people how to start a home-based business:

Instead of keeping this method to just a handful of business owners…

I’ve put together this book called:


To help  more service businesses get more booked appointments automatically

Without them having to spend thousands to implement this system.

Appointment Automation Method was written to help business owners get back more TIME and freedom

We know TIME is the most expensive commodity all business owners have. 

Any action that saves you time is worth A LOT of money.

That’s exactly what this method is about.

To help business owners save time from having to chase for customers and get them to buy your service on autopilot.

After you implement this, you can finally have time to focus on things that can move the business to the next level.

Here are the chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: Why Optimising Your Campaigns For Leads Can Be A Bad Idea

(and how to  focus on getting booked appointments instead)

Chapter 2: Overview of Appointment Automation Method

(find out the 4 things you need to implement this method right away)

Chapter 3: How To Create Your Killer Offer

(you only need to focus on this ONE thing to attract your target audience)

Chapter 4: How To Write A High-Converting Sales Page

(do this right and you don’t have to do any sales pitch anymore, if you don’t want to)

Chapter 5: How To Automate The Booking Of Appointments

(this is the KEY that will save you all the time in your service business)

Chapter 6: Driving Traffic To Your Sales Page Using Facebook Ads

(learn this valuable skill if you want to get more customers)

Chapter 7: No Website? Use This To Get Booked Appointments Instead

(a shortcut if you don’t have a website to get booked appointments)

Why You Should Get This Book:

Right now, as you’re reading this very page…

There’s a lot of activity happening in this world.

The pandemic has made many businesses go online.

Which means they are using social media platforms (like FB/IG) to get more customers.

This also means consumers are getting used to buying stuff on the internet.

This is your best opportunity to attract customers online if you haven’t.

And as you may have guessed it, I have solution for you.

What’s really cool is that automating your whole service business has more benefits than doing it the old way.

That’s right. 

If given a choice, most business owners would rather automate the whole sales process rather than sell to a customer in person manually.

Why not?

They get to free up their time to do things they’ve always wanted.

It’s so much more efficient.

And that’s where ‘Appointment Automation Method’ comes in.

It does this beautifully in 3 easy parts.

Step 1: Create your killer offer

Step 2: Sell it on your sales page

Step 3: Drive traffic to it and get appointments directly

I’m not saying doing things your usual way is bad…

What I’m saying if your goal is to have more freedom and more income for your service business

Your current model of operating might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from your goals!

Selling booked appointments face-to-face requires a lot of time and effort.

Automating the whole process online can take away the time needed to do it manually.

Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe You Can Automate Your Service Business…

… But today, I know better.

Automating my workshops has helped me to scale my business and even survive the pandemic.

It helped me to remodel and reimagine my teaching business.

Instead of selling face-to-face or chasing leads…

I now get to attract my target customers and get them to pay and book on autopilot.

I promise you this…

Anyone who make the wise move to “digitalize” and “automate” their service business will benefit greatly in this ever-changing world.

Ultimate, I want you to know one thing…

If I Can Do This, So Can You!

It took me over a year to “figure this out”.

… and over another year to perfect it. 

Which is safe to say there isn’t anything left for you to figure out.

I already did all the hard work for you. 

I figured it all out. 

There’s nothing left for you to “figure out”.

You just need to download this book and most important of all… 

Implement it! 

That’s it.


If you’re still reading…

It means you are keen to learn get more customers for your service business automatically.

And I want to give you a really good offer.

When I completed writing this book…

I priced it at $69 originally.

Which to me is a steal.

Because I spent thousands of dollars and hours to finally learn what works.

Imagine how much time AND money you would have saved by avoiding the mistakes I’ve made.

Now, you don’t need to pay thousands to learn.

You won’t even need to pay the original $69 for this guide.

You can now get this book for just:



For just $14.40,

You get to shorten your learning curve when it comes to automating your appointment booking system.

Your time saved and extra customers from implementing this will pay for this book 100X over.

In short, you are not just buying a book.

You are investing in your business.

You are equipping yourself with a powerful skill that can take your business to another level.



You’ll get these 3 free bonuses



(Worth $97)

Follow my step-by-step videos and you should be able to implement this method in less than 7 days.



(Worth $27)

This serves as an extra but important step to make sure you have all you need before launching the system.



(Worth $250)

A 1-1 Zoom call where I customise a solution for your business, showing you exactly what and how you can implement this method to automate your whole appointment system.

From attracting customers, to getting them book directly with you.

Let’s recap what you’ll get when you purchase this book today:

1. ‘Appointment Automation Method’ eBook in a downloadable PDF format

(Worth $69)

2. Bonus #1: 5-Day Fast Start Training Videos

(Worth $97)

3. Bonus #2: Pre-launch Checklist

(Worth $27)

4. Bonus #3: 1-1 Customized Consultation Call

(Worth $250)


The total value of the ebook and bonuses is worth:


But just for a very limited time only, you can get it at just



(You pay just 3%)

I know that before I get into anything…

I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a rock solid money-back guarantee.

I want you to be comfortable with this buy, even though it’s only $14.40…

Here’s my crazy bold guarantee:

Download this book, read it, but more importantly, implement it.

If you find no value in this book and you want your money back, just send an email to and request for a refund within 30 days.

You’ll get your money back and you get to keep the book free of charge.

But with that said…

This Won't Last Long

The truth is…

I was planning to sell a printed copy of this book at $69, but it meant more costs involved. 

(Printing, storage and delivery)

That means it will be much more difficult to help more people.

But then I realised if I were to sell it as an ebook…

And by lowering it to $14.40 per copy…

It allows me to impact and help more people achieve their goals.

I consider that a true win/win,

 Even though in most cases, I take a loss when selling the book at this price.

It costs me probably around $34++ in ad cost to sell one book.

Which means I take a loss of $20 for each copy I sell.

So why would I do this?


Because I’m making this offer with the idea that you’ll be impressed with the value I provide…

And I’m making the “bet” that you’ll enjoy the book so much…. 

That you’ll engage me for more trainings or work with me in future.

But of course, if this “bet” fails…

Then I’ll have no choice but to take down this ridiculous offer. 

That’s why this offer may not last long. 

As long as this page is still up, you can still get this book at this price.

So I urge you to take action now.

P.S. Closing Thoughts

Right now you have 2 options.

1. You decide to ignore everything you’ve read so far…

And you exit this page.

Nothing wrong at all.

Especially if you are happy and satisfied with where you’re at now.

But if you’re not at the place that you want to be…

And continue doing the same thing but expecting different results…

It’s not gonna happen.

2. You decide to give ‘Appointment Automation Method’ book a shot.

And things start to take off.

You no longer have to waste time and effort on old methods that are messy and ineffective.

You no longer worry about not having enough customers.

Instead, you carve out a new path of higher income, only possible because you started automating your appointment system.

How much would that be worth to you?

The choice is completely up to you, of course.

Let’s just say… taking the first step is the hardest.

But the moment you decide to take action…

A lot can change in a short period of time.

Hope to see you inside the the book!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a beginner, will this book benefit me?

Yes. This method is laid out for you step-by-step in an easy-to-understand way. 

Plus, the 5 day fast start videos are included as bonuses to help you get started easily.

2. What type of business owners/self-employed will benefit most from this book?

This book is perfect for service businesses who regularly needs to get customers to book appointments with them.

E.g: Spas, hair salons, clinics, gyms, consultants, tuition centres, training vendors, home services, car wash/polish/servicing etc…

3. I already have a website. Do I need to create a new one?

No, in fact, you just need to create a new page and write a high-converting sales page.

Then, send them to an appointment booking page where they can book and pay directly.

3. Can this method work if I don’t have a website?

Yes. In the last chapter of the eBook, I show you how to create an ad to get the a prospect’s info, and drive them to your booking page without you having to have a website. 

But this means you won’t have a sales page to convert your traffic, so your ad itself must be powerful enough to get people interested in your offer. 

3. Will my results be guaranteed after reading this book?

If anyone can guarantee something at 100%… it’s usually ‘too good to be true’…

I can’t guarantee the whole method will take off immediately.

But if you invest time and effort to implement this, it will save you lots of time, especially if you are planning to build your business for the long run.

4. Is this a scam/get-rich-quick thing?

Short answer: 


Long answer: 

No… but if there is a way to ‘get rich quick’ by selling a book, please let me know I’ll be interested…!

Because I can’t ‘get rich quick’ from this. Plus my main income does not come from eBook.

I am just a guy who’s crazy about using digital marketing to scale and automate a business. 

Google ‘TravelClef’ and you will know I run a legitimate business in Singapore with 2 physical locations.

5. What if I don’t like this book after reading it, can I get a refund?

It’s important to know what you’re buying into and I want you to be comfortable with this purchase. 

Download this book, read it and apply it. 

If you find yourself not learning anything from this and you want your money back, send an email to and request for a refund within 30 days.

With no questions asked, you’ll get your money back and you get to keep ‘Profitable Ads Secrets’ book free of charge.

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